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The Starya difference

Say goodbye to fluctuating fuel prices

Own EPK +

Rent Battery

Rs. 55,000/-

Rs. 1,840/-

Rs. 22,080/-

Rs. 61,920/- 

Petrol Scooter

Rs. 95,000/-

Rs. 7,000/-

Rs. 84,000/-


Running cost

Own EPK + Rent Battery = Re. 1 / Km

Petrol Scooter = Petrol Price / Mileage = 105/30 = Rs. 3.5 / Km

Vehicle Type


Monthly Running Cost

2000 KMs per Month

Yearly Running Cost

2000 KMs per Month

Annual Savings

Compared to

Petrol Scooter

Why choose STARYA

Just as Powerful as A Brand-New Electric Scooter!

Our EPK 1.0 has a powerful 5.5 KW patented PMSM motor that delivers an acceleration speed of 0-40 kmph in 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 75kmph.


No competitor in the market comes close to achieving the same amount of power and efficiency as the EPK 1.0, and in addition, are generally imported.


Cruise the Streets in Silence

There will be just one noticeable difference between your old petrol scooter and your new Starya electric scooter.


Can you guess what it is? If there’s no difference in power, acceleration, and top speed… then what is it?


It’s the smooth silence of our electric motor that purrs so silently when cruising the streets, it’s almost like it’s not running at all.

Imagine India with silent electric scooters, what a difference that would be. And not only that, but you are doing your part for the environment by cutting your vehicle emissions to 0! 

noun-green-1429383 (1)-01.png

0 Emissions Means Mother Nature Wins

India contributes 7% to the world’s total global emissions. By choosing to convert your petrol scooter to electric you are doing your part in decreasing our carbon footprint and helping to preserve our wonderful planet. 

All the Benefits of a New Electric Scooter but Pay 70% Less!

Get all the benefits of an electric scooter—and spend 70% less! By manufacturing core components in India we were able to save big on our costs.


All our parts are high-quality that are designed to last and tested thoroughly for endurance.

We Made Electric Scooters More Affordable

We’ve made electric scooters affordable for everyone!


You can save up to 70% per year by going electric and never having to fuel up again! Plus, our ingenious design converts your petrol scooter to electric for a fraction of what you would pay for a brand new one.


Our goal has always been to get more electric scooters in the hands of Indian men and women to help them save money and increase the sustainability of our transport system

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