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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is converting a petrol scooter to electric legal in India and supported by the Government?
    Yes, in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and utilize clean energy the Government has legalised converting a petrol scooter to electric.
  • What happens to my current vehicle number after retrofitting?
    The number remains the same but the number plate colour would be changed to green board.
  • What is the proof that my scooter’s IC engine will be scrapped and not misused?
    Engine would be scrapped through a certified recycler in India. We will issue a certificate for the engine scrapped. We also provide this certificate and relevant documents to RTO while re-registration as part of compliance requirement.
  • Where will be the battery placed in my retrofit electric scooter?
    The bootspace will be used to place the battery.
  • Are there any ride modes available in the retrofitted scooter?
    Yes. You can use Sports Mode for better performance and Eco Mode for better mileage. With sports mode you can achieve a top speed of 75 km/h and with eco mode top speed is restricted to 45 km/h.
  • What is the load capacity of the electric powertrain (petrol to electric conversion kit)?
    The Starya petrol to electric scooter conversion kit has been designed to carry a maximum load of 180 kgs, which is sufficient to carry two people with average weight of 90kgs.
  • What about RTO formalities? Will I need to visit the RTO office for seeking permission for retrofitting?
    No, Starya Mobility will take complete care of all the RTO formalities and issue necessary certificates and documents. You might need to provide required authorisation to Starya Mobility for the same.
  • What are the prerequisite for converting petrol scooters to electric (retrofitting)?
    Valid vehicle registration documents (RC, FC etc.) Vehicle fitness to be roadworthy for re-registration Vehicle should be free of traffic penalties Vehicle should not be under any hypothecation
  • What is the motor and controller specification?
    The kit has a 5.5KW PMS motor and a 250 A controller which generates power equivalent to that of a 125CC IC Engine scooter.
  • Where can Test ride retrofitted scooters?
    Yes, a test ride facility is available at our showroom and also at our partner conversion centers. You can register for a test ride using our website
  • Is the battery removable?
    Yes, the battery is removable. If you’re staying in an Apartment you can remove the battery and charge it inside your home.
  • Tell me more about VCU (Vehicle Controller Unit)
    Controller is designed based on BESC-G2 compatible with VESC® Software. #BESC-G2 and VESC® are registered trademarks and word-marks used here under consent.
  • Can a petrol bike/scooter be converted to electric?
    Yes, a petrol bike or scooter can be converted to pure electric by retrofitting. The engine and petrol tank are replaced by an electric powertrain(petrol to electric conversion kit) and battery respectively.
  • Will I get a new RC card/book after conversion into an electric scooter?
    Your RC will get a “Converted to electric” update. Your vehicle number remains same, but the number plate would be changed into green colour.
  • After retrofitting to electric is it possible to convert again back to petrol scooter?
    No, because as per RTO regulations, the engine will be scrapped while converting from petrol scooter to electric.
  • What happens to the old IC engine and other metal parts of the scooter after retrofitting?
    As per Indian regulations, the IC petrol engine will be completed scrapped by certified recycler and a certificate will be issued for the same.
  • From where can i download VESC software?
  • Is a regenerative braking system is integrated while retrofitting?
    Yes. Regenerative braking is available.
  • How much does it cost to convert a petrol scooter to an electric?
    Starya Mobility offers RTO-approved complete retrofitting service at a price of ₹40,000 (Own Battery + Rent EPK).
  • How safe is the motor and controller unit during the rainy season?
    The kit has an IP65 rating.
  • How will be the lighting system powered after conversion?
    The lighting system of the scooter will be directly powered by the main battery and the old battery will not be used.
  • Can I retrofit a bike using Starya petrol to electric Retrofit kit?
    No, not yet. But we’ll cater your needs soon.
  • Which scooter models can be retrofitted/converted to electric?
    Starya Retrofit kit can technically convert any two wheel gearless scooters. But currently we are taking Govt. approvals for Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Honda Dio, and Suzuki Access Retrofitment only.
  • What happens to my petrol tank?
    The petrol tank space is modified into storage space, you can use the space to store your documents, charger and other essential items. But the space is not sufficient to keep your helmet.
  • What about the registration certificate (RC) of the scooter after retrofitting?
    The registration certificate(RC) of the scooter will be renewed by RTO and Starya Mobility will take complete care of all the RTO re-registration formalities. Your vehicle will have same number but the number plate changes to green from white.
  • What is battery subscription?
    The customers who have opted for the battery renting option (Own EPK + Rent Battery) facility have to subscribe to the battery pack on a prepaid recharge basis. Check out the pricing page for recharge plans offered by Starya Mobility.
  • Which Electric Retrofit Scooter is best in India?
    The best retrofit electric scooter is Starya Retrofit, as it has 5.5KW mid drive PMS motor , which is best in class and indigenously designed and developed proudly in India. The scooter has performance better than 125CC IC engine scooter. The starya retrofit scooter is priced at Rs. 35,000/- after discounts.
  • What are the disadvantages of electric scooters?
    Following are the biggest drawbacks of electric scooters, Electric scooters are expensive Very long charging times Drive range is lower Battery need to be replaced once every 4-5 years or 45000kms
  • What is the starting price of an electric scooter?
    Electric Scooter starts with a minimum price range of 25,000. The price of electric scooter mainly depends on the performance and range. As a general thumb rule, you can expect, Price of 250W motor electric scooter to be around INR 25-45k Price of 1.2 - 1.8 KW motor electric scooter to be around INR 50-75k Price of 4-6 KW motor electric scooter to be around INR 1.25-1.8 Lakhs
  • What are the benefits of an electric scooter?
    Electric scooters don't release any smoke during operation, so its air pollution free Electric scooters have very low running cost which helps customers save a lot when compared to petrol scooters Electric scooters are noiseless Low maintenance

Starya Mobility offers RTO-approved complete petrol to an electric scooters retrofit conversion facility making it one of India's most powerful retrofitted scooters. Our 5.5kw patented PMSM Motor that accelerates 0 - 40 km/h in 3.7 seconds, with a top speed of 75km/h. The retrofit electric scooter helps cut running costs by one-third compared to a petrol scooter. With the eco-friendly electric scooter let's bring change. Say Hello to mother nature and goodbye to pollution caused by fossil fuel consumption.

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