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Our journey so far..

2018: Started designing PMSM motor and controller in India in a small garage

2018: Our first few hires, Interns!

2019: Manufacturing motor and controller from scratch

2019: Controller design and assembly

2019: Assembling the motor body

2019: Vehicle chassis machining

2019: Our first few trials. Vehicle top speed 10 kmph

2019: Experimenting with retrofit concept

Oct 2019: Ayudh pooja celebration at our factory

2020: First road trial with no brakes.

2019- 2020: Burning PCB & MOSFET a few hundred times

2020: Experimenting with battery

2020: Our first handmade die and casting. It worked!

2020: Testing motor

2020: Starya app prototypes

Jan 2020: Winning Altair India Challenge

2020: Design optimisation

2020: Our first public showcase at Expo in Bengaluru

2020: Winning "Top-5 innovation awards" in Bengaluru Development Summit

Dec 2020: Design Updation

2021: Product finalisation

2021: Starya new factory inauguration on Ayudh Pooja

2021: Factory setup

Dec 2021: Setting up Starya showroom

2022: Customer test rides

2022: Starya retrofitted scooters on display at factory

2022: Starya team at ARAI for Vehicle testing & Approvals

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