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Something so ugly, yet so beautiful!!

July 2019: After about 6 months of continuous setbacks, half a dozen burnt controllers, countless component changes, a couple of changed reduction pulleys & belts, redesign of back wheel housing, numerous iterations in tweaking parameter settings of the controller and a final change in controller source design, on 23rd July we were left with a bike (dare I call it so) that made a terrible mechanical noise due to high misalignment, no front or side panel, no lights, brakes or horn. The total kerb weight of the bike was around 95Kgs (mainly due to the 4 lead acid batteries in front) and boy, did it give us the most pleasant of all surprises. It accelerated from 0 to 30 in 3 Seconds without a single hitch and continued to do so until it was finally dis-assembled for further study. Check out the bike being taken for its first test ride. Guess true beauty does lie inside after all!!

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