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April 2020: Our original plan was to start commercial operations of retrofitting from the month of August 2020. Owing to the brakes applied by Covid-19, some of the activities have slowed down, but we are constantly working on many other fronts to start commercial activities as soon as possible. It is time to shift gears and we would be working on the following areas in parallel to get the ball rolling.

  • Endurance testing our ARK unit for a minimum of 50000 Kms

  • Complete design, dies & tools required for mass manufacturing

  • ARAI approval as per AIS 123 Part 3

  • Construction of a state of the art manufacturing unit capable of retro fitting a minimum of 4000 Bikes/Annum

Well, based on the recent events that have unfolded, it would be a suicide pact not to respect nature and its eco-system again. It’s high time we give serious thoughts to aspects of pollution and climate change, let us unite and take an oath to go green and re-pay our debt to society. Once you have done that, we are there to ensure you make the transition smoothly with least cost and best performance at these times of economic crisis.

Please don’t forget to book a test ride by visiting our main page and spread the word that a home grown technically sound and most cost-effective solution is available. Be part of the revolution.

Also, please watch this space for all further updates and announcements.

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